Monday, July 24, 2017

In My Other Life...

Hello Family, Friends, and Fellow Stampers!

I have been a little busy around the house
I have been Canning!
I started doing this quite a few years ago!
When I lived up started with
'strawberry jam'...
then to 'blueberry jam'...then to my own
'spaghetti sauce'...then to 'sliced apples'
for pies...then to making 'orange marmalade' for my
This year I added 'Chicken/Vegetable Broth'!
I was told by my sister how to
sterilize my jars!
If you have an automatic dishwasher...use it!
It will wash and dry (sterilizing part!).
Here is how I sterilize my jars and bands!

Here are the Strawberry Jams!

Yes, one has been opened!
This actually is my second batch...
the first batch I gave away!

I also make my own 'Spaghetti Sauce'!
'Ragu Chunky' has a sauce named 'Mama's Garden'
It is where I got the idea for my sauce!

My Chunky Garden Sauce:
Vidalia Onion
Green Bell Pepper
Red, Orange, Yellow Bell Peppers
Yellow Squash
Zucchini Squash
Fresh Tomatoes (blanched, peeled, and hand crushed)
Tomato Paste
Italian Seasoning
Brown Sugar 
Fresh Basil Leaves, chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste
 I sauté all of the vegetables and then add the rest
 and cook for several hours!
I wanted a sauce that could be a meal in itself!
I normally run two stock pots, of my sauce!
This year I ran two stock pots, a Dutch Oven and
a large saucepan!

2 of the Pots into the jars!
This was the Dutch Oven and Large Saucepan!
I ended up with 4 pots going!
I had more tomatoes than I thought!
These are the 2 Stock Pots!
Filling the jars!

I really like the 'Wide Mouth' jars for
my Spaghetti Sauce...when they are full,
I then use the regular width jars...and pints!
Sometimes you don't need Quart Size for
a recipe! 
These are all the wide mouths!
 My yield for the year!
16 Quarts and 5 Pints!
You can see I ended up using 4 regular mouth
quart size...I have been given jars from friends
and I ended up with a wide mouth pint!
I used it...and 4 regular mouth pint jars!
On Another 2 days...

This is my Chicken Broth that I Canned!
First Time I used my Pressure Canner!
This was a 2 day process...the 'broth' cooked
in the oven overnight! The Vegetables I used
were all the vegetable ends and peels.
I put them in a freezer zip-lock and
popped into freezer...just kept adding to it, till the bag
was full...I actually had 2 bags of veggie ends and peels!
Hence, the 2 pans of broth...for dinner the night before,
I brought home 2 roasting chickens from Wal-Mart
and cut off the wings, legs, and breast for meals.
The rest of the chicken and carcass's went into the
2 pans of veggie broth...brought to a good boil, then into
the oven for 12 hours @ 200*F. (Overnight)
Then ladled into hot jars and processed in
the Pressure Canner!
2 of quarts, one of pints!

Here is my yield for Chicken Broth!

It looks dark because of the vegetables!
If it were only would be
 real light in color!
I also didn't season the sauce...I will season
when I use the broth...this is very low sodium!
I will add:
 Mrs. Dash Table Blend seasoning,
Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme to taste
when I use the broth!
 Another Day for Dad!
I spent time making Orange Dad
loves it...funny thing...I am not a big fan of it!
But my Dad and Mom said that
my Orange Marmalade was the best they tasted!
Mr. Hubster...when he tasted it, said he liked it
and that in no way it tasted like his Grand-mother's...
He hated Orange Marmalade...he said his
Grand-mother's was bitter...he said mine was
yummy! Who knew? I have tasted
does taste good! But it isn't something I would eat
on a daily basis...I think next year I will do
1/2 pints of orange marmalade
and strawberry jam
for our use...along with Dad's pints!!!

Here is my yield of 4 pints for Dad!
The 'Sure-Gel' instructions mention that it can take
up to 2 months to set...These are set as I speak...As it thickened, I rolled the jars back and forth to distribute all the peelings, that tend to float...hence, the evenness of the marmalade in the jars!
It can be a bit time consuming...but not very much...all
good things take time!

I am driving over to my sister's house in WV
 and will deliver this to Dad!
I am making the trip over to visit with Dad the end of August.
Then that sister and I are flying up to RI for Sister's
Weekend!!! So excited!
Labor Day Weekend in Newport, RI!
Although we are all from there...we are going to play tourists!
Do the tours most natives, take for granted!
But for now, I am getting ready...
(taste testing from 4 different vender's)
I want to try my hand at canning peaches this year!
Mr. Hubster and I, both love peaches!
So, when in that we are in the South
and there is a great abundance of peaches here, I must
do a Southern thing, so peaches it is!
The winning peach in the taste test will determine where
I buy them from and I will let you know!
The 4 contenders are:
*the fruit stand where I bought the tomatoes this year
*the fruit stand where I bought the tomatoes last year
*Food Lion produce section
*Wal-Mart produce section
Dad is staying with my sister in WV till
brother is going to drive down and get Dad and take him
up to RI, where he will stay with my other sister
for 6 mos. Then that sister will drive him
back down to WV for his 6 mos. stay again!
Both of those sister's are Nurses and are well
acquainted with all of Dad's medical needs...they
also can address any concerns of Dad's health,
should something arise and needs to be decided
for Dad's care...we all call him and keep him busy!
This living arrangement was decided upon by Dad
when last April, I went up to RI to visit friends and family!
It saves Dad his puny SSI and he isn't spending it on rent!
So he now has some money to play with for his 'stuff'!
We kids all chip in monthly and that goes into an account for
all his medical...Dr. visits co-pay, prescription co-pays,
etc.,. Whatever Dad needs for himself.
We miss Mom and we know, Dad does too! I think the
apartment, though smaller, held way too many memories
and Dad was sinking...Dad sounds so good when we talk to
him now...Dad still misses Mom...and he also doesn't hear
her voice, calling him, anymore.
Here's a great picture of the two of them!
You can see I look just like my Mom
but, I have dark hair like Dad's!
I do have to share a Beautiful thing...when my Mother
went to be with the Lord...Dad wanted us girls to go through
her stuff (we wanted to wait) Dad wanted us to do it then...
 None of us sisters could really fit into her clothing...maybe a few
tops, but the slacks and skirts were either too big or too small...or
just not our my sister in WV took many of Mom's outfits,
special dresses and some of Dad's outfits, he didn't wear sister made 8 quilts from those articles of clothing!
All of us kids (7) and Dad got one too!
My sister made 8 quilts!
We all have the same squares, but they are all arranged in
different patterns for each individual quilt! Also, we went
to a quilting supply site, my sister uses and picked our quilt
backing...I picked the backing because it is called 'Michele'.
The sister who made the quilts is named Michele.
It was a good choice!
Here is a picture of my quilt, my sister made for me!
1st view: 
2nd view:
If you click on the pictures, you can get a larger view
of the quilt...all I can say....Beautifully Special!
Well, I thank you for letting me share a part of my life
that isn't all cards!
I DO have a large family, so the cards I make are sent out for
birthday's and anniversary's...occasional sympathy...etc.,.
Every month end, I make out all the cards for
Birthdays and Anniversaries for the following month!
I then write on the envelope flap
'Do Not Open till (the date)
I usually mail them all at the beginning of the month!
Some will get theirs on time and the rest may be early...
Hence, the 'Do Not Open...'

Today I need to get into the Craft Room and work on some cards!
I have posted all I had to make the cards!
Until the next Post...Blessings and Family Love to you ALL!


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Michelle Quinno said...

Wow, that's a lot of canning! And a beautiful quilt! I used to make hot pepper jelly and my friend taught me about the dishwasher. I had to time it right so they would be hot enough to fill and seal without boiling. Love your idea on Do Not Open as well. I hate being late, but also hate being too early!