Sunday, May 28, 2017

The 2 Week Whirlwind!

Hello Friends!
I had a 'Whirlwind' 2 weeks up North!
The best laid plans of mice and men...yup, so many things went awry and many things were added bonuses!
I arrived Wed. night and my sister, Mary picked me up at the airport. I spent the night at her house.
Thursday went to see my Dad...

So Handsome!
Didn't get the use of my Father's car
He wanted my Brother to look at it for the brakes!
Grand-daughter picked my up from my Dad's and I
Stayed with Daughter and Grand-daughter!
from Thurs. eve till Sun. eve! Totally unplanned!

My Daughter, Tracey!
Hates to have her pic taken!

My Son's Daughter, Lesley!
Love this! Great Smile!
So Happy I got to see her too!

My Daughter's Daughter, 
Shana and her boyfriend, Ben
Love her so much too!

Sat. was the Wedding was great!

The Cake! It says...Come Fly With Me!
My Niece Jane made the cake!

My Niece Megan and her new Husband, Troy!
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Dickey!

Such a cute couple!

She wore a different dress, but beautiful!

Sun., Mother's sister, Michele presented all
of us kids, and my Dad with Quilts she made.
The quilts are all alike...the squares were made from
our late Mother's Clothing and from clothing of Dad's.
Not a dry eye in the house...very special and very touching.
I am still in a stupor and awe about how beautiful they all were!

My Mother...miss her so much.

This is mine! On my bed!
Monday, went to UPS and mailed home the quilt along with all
the sleeveless tops and Capri pants I brought up was cool!
Also,mailed the shoes and dress I wore to the Reception!
After I mailed them back...we had 2 days of hot!
Stayed at my friend Joan's Mon. eve and Tues. eve.
Went to the Cape with her and had our
Lobster Roll at Brax! Ahhh! Cue angels singing!

My Friend Joan!

The Lobster Roll! I had the chips instead of Fries!

Oh, Yes!

Joan dropped me to my Friend Shirley's home.
Tried to set up a Gmail account for my friend Shirley
and ended up changing my account in error! Soooo... till I could
figure out how to 'fix' it...I deleted my blog!!! 
Just restored the blog...until I can figure it out...
I added my correct e-mail at the top, under my blog name!
Spent the night at Shirley's...then Shirley dropped me off Thursday, to my Dad's to pick up his car! YAY!
Now I could have legs to get around!
Got notice that we were moving my Dad out of his Apartment.
Dad decided to move in with one daughter, my Sister Michele, a nurse, for 6 mos. in WV...and then back to RI for 6 mos. with my other Sister Mary, also a Nurse...and give up his apartment.
All were to come to a 'Pack Dad Up' day on FRI.!
Dad hadn't quite made up his mind about the move...but then decided  he would make the move!

The Seven Kids!

Tom, Rick, Jim, Linda
Michele, Mary, Me=Cheryl (ugh, no make-up!)
Went to UPS and mailed off my laptop (I deleted blog and was just I just mailed off the laptop!) and some stuff I got from my Dad's house!
Had to move my visit with Brenda up from Fri to Thurs.
Visited with Brenda about an hour and a half and had to meet up
with my Friend Sue...went out to a late lunch, early supper to a
Restaurant and had a fabulous meal...then went to the beach and sat and caught up, then go an ice cream cone and said goodbye...went to my sister Linda's to stay for the rest of my duration of my trip!

Saturday went back to Dad's apartment and moved other my sister, Mary's for Dad when he moves back for 6 mos.
Went to UPS again! to mail a small pkg. from Dad's!
Saturday night we 'Sisters'
  got together at Mary's for some visiting and wine!!!!
Sunday, Michele, her husband Joe, and Dad, left for WV.
Sunday...took my Daughter and Grand-daughter to the Cape!
Went to the Lavender Farm and to Brax (had the Sunday Buffet)!

Monday went back to visit Brenda for a longer time!

By far, the best Friend I had at work!
I learned much from this wonderful Woman!
I left Brenda's and drove back to my sister Linda's. Went to dinner with my sisters, Linda and Mary.

Tuesday...I had a 'ME' Day!
Went to Macy's!!!!
 (there is not one near me in NC...3 hours away)
I went to one in Swansea, MA and then to the
one at the Warwick Mall in RI!
YUP! I hit 'Pay Dirt!'
My sort of empty suitcase got filled up!
Packed during the day Tuesday...did laundry into the suitcase!
Tuesday night the Sisters went out and we had our
"Sister's Tee's' on...brought a 4th shirt for the missing Sister.
We texted her and took pics to show her! She was with us in Spirit!

Each one of us Sister's own these Tee's!
We decided to wear a different one this night!
I wore one of Linda's and the one I am holding...represents
our sister, Michele!

Wednesday am, my sister Linda dropped me at the airport on her way to work. Mr. Hubster picked me up,
went to dinner, and we were home by 5pm.

I have gone to bed early and slept in for 2 days!

The last 2 days I have run errands!

Met up with a couple looking to move here from AZ!
She saw my cards on Pinterest and contacted me...
We sat and had coffee at DD, it was so nice to meet
Giselle and her Husband! I do hope they find their new home...we are going to definitely get together! So cool to meet new friends!
After we parted...ran errands I forgot the day before!
I also have to hit the bank today...forgot that for yesterday!

So I am trying to get back into my routine here...reality of
life just sort of, smacks you in the face, when you get home!
I have laundry up the Wazoo...Mr. Hubster's!
I have some house cleaning to get done.
2 weeks away makes a difference!
Mr. Hubster kept things picked up...but the cleaning
is something I do better! Floors need washing,
bathrooms scrubbed, laundry...etc.,.

Thought I'd share the pictures and story with you ALL!
Now that I am back up and running!

Until the next Post...Blessings to you ALL!


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