Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Hope you all are enjoying the Holiday's!
Mr. Hubster and I are chillaxing this Christmas!
The Kids are calling and sending their Christmas wishes,
as are friends! My Bro's and Sis's have texted their
Christmas Love! We have texted back our wishes to all!
Going to have a yummy dinner with Mr. Hubster!
Rib Roast, baked potatoes, corn, and for dessert...
Strawberries in their juice over Angel Food Cake!
Right now I have caught a lull! I am making a batch
of my Grand-Mother's Caramel Candy. It has to simmer for 2 hrs.
That is where I rest to catch the e-mail and post a quickie here!
Blessings and Love to you ALL!
Until the next posting...Merry Christmas to you ALL!

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