Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sister's Weekend

Hello Stampers and Friends!

So good to be home...but sad to leave my Sister's.
This years Reunion was in Florida...yes we wanted warm!
Pretty much just Chillaxed around the pool, drinking those fruity and flavored rum drinks...I have a new one for my pleasure...Coconut Rum and Pineapple Juice...Yum!
The Drinks at the poolside bar were all the new flavored rums and juices mixed. I drank one called a 'June Bug'. It had flavored rums, peach schnapps and pineapple juice...let's just say they went down too easy!
Was appreciative of the fact that they were not low priced drinks...that alone kept me in check! BUT I have to say...something about lounging in the pool and having your drink (plastic cups) right next to you in the mm,
just relaxing!

A couple of funny things happened...

1. I got to chatting with a couple in the pool. I told them we were on our annual. Sister's Weekend. Well, let me tell you...they thought we were Nuns! Ha! That is too funny! The woman asked what order we were from? I said no, we aren't Nuns...were sisters as in sisters and brothers! Too funny, it was the joke of the week! I just want to know what order of Nuns lets them drink and smoke? Two of my Sister's are smokers and had to sit at the bar to smoke. The other Sister and I were totally floating in the pool!
Too funny!
2. We went through Hurricane Matthew. Yup, picked up the 4th Sister on Thursday morning, her flight got in at 11:06am. All flights coming into Orlando after that were cancelled! Talk about close! We went back to the Resort we were staying at...changed into bathing suits...was only overcast and slightly breezy at that time. We called for a shuttle to the Main bar and pool...we ate BLT's (standard faire for us that week!), ordered drinks, waded in the pool and then it started to rain, wind slightly picked up. So we ordered another drink and this time sat in the Hot Tub, covers on our drinks, while it was raining. There was 10 of us in the Hot Tub!
We all were talking and just enjoying the warmth of the water (it was getting a bit cooler). All of a sudden it started to rain hard, that stinging rain. So, out of the Hot Tub we came, ducked under the cover of the poolside bar and dried of as best we could. Called for the shuttle back to our room. We all showered and just stayed in for the night. We had taken a trip to the Publix Grocery, onsite to stock up on a few items (all Amenities at the Resort were going to be shut down). Water was all sold out!, There were about 10 loaves of bread on the shelves. We watched a store employee break open a case of water and put the bottles on the shelf to sell individually. Mind you it was their store brand water.. It was good conversation with people while standing in line to be checked out at the store. A woman was telling us about how the gas stations were hiking up the price of gas to almost $5/gal. Can you believe that? I thought price gouging was illegal. The woman said she needed gas in the car, she was on 'E' just waiting in line...many gas stations were out of gas. We told her about the stock person and the water. So I had a brilliant idea! We bought a cheap Styrofoam cooler (just in case we lost power) and I bought 2 bags of ice cubes. what does ice melt into? Yup, water...something that was scarce. So I figured we have enough for water if we needed it. Also we had to keep the wine chilled if we lost power!  We had our meager supplies at the Resort and that night, hunkered down. I believe, we slept through most of the Hurricane. The next morning it was rainy and then just overcast. The Amenities at the Resort opened up, as the weather calmed down and the sun came out. So we donned our Bathing Suits and covers and walked to the closer pool to us. They had a Pizza/Sub shop on property. We all ordered Warm Subs and had water to drink. We then got into the pool, the sun had come out! It was much cooler weather, after the storm passed. The next day was Sunny again and we again stayed poolside.
One night we went to a Comedy/Sketch Dinner Theater/Buffet named "Capone's". We were all called 'doll face'. It was a fun cute! We got the souvenir photos and such. It was a great suggestion by one of the Sister's who had been there before with her Husband. Glad she suggested it! It was fun! That was our first dinner away from the Resort!
The second dinner away from the Resort, we went to a place called Manny's Chophouse. It is a steakhouse with a 50's-60's theme d├ęcor. We sat in a round booth. We all ordered the same with a few was delicious! I believe those are the only two times we left the Resort. Other than going to Wal-Mart to stock up on necessities we couldn't bring in our luggage, and of course, wine! And going to Publix to get some snacks and stuff before the Hurricane to have with said wine!
I must have had a great time! I have been catching up on rest since I got back! I did do a lot more walking than normal. I thought since I was walking here at home I would be good! Ha! We did do more walking than I thought...but it's all good! I sure need to keep walking. I've been lax since I got home...but a new week is begun and I am feeling more rested and not so dragging! I will resume the daily walk! I miss my Sisters so much, sad to say goodbye...but also good to be home. Until Next year!

Meanwhile back at home here in NC...Mr. Hubster had to go to Wal-Mart and get propane lantern and stove. He lost power for about 36 hours. He fared for the worse...his son called me in FL on my cell...He didn't know I was there...He tried to call the house and his Father's cell (something my husband never leaves on)...he was concerned because he heard that the area we live in lost power. I told him to wait till the evening and call the cell or the house phone. I called Mr. Hubster later that evening and he said he just got off the phone with his son! He did good. Mr. Hubster kept the phone off during the day to conserve the power in the phone in case he would need it.
Parts of NC here are seeing devastating flooding. Only 32 miles away from us is a town called Kinston...serious flooding, people losing much of everything...some even their homes. It is so sad. The Rivers here have crested with rain from further North because of the Hurricane and water flows down. The rivers have reached over their flood stages and it is spilling over to neighborhoods. So far we have been spared. The river runs right by us...we are closer to the ocean, and our banks on either side are wide apart. So the river banks here can keep it in the river. Our town is central to where two rivers meet. The Neuse River and the Trent River. Our area here is not threatened. We did get large ponding around our homes, but most dissipated over several days and soaked right into the ground. We were spared, but sadly others were not. Please keep these people in prayer. Many places here are collecting basic necessities for those still in shelters. We are doing what we can to help. In our sub division a couple of lots, not built on yet, flooded and still are and one has a tree down (thank God no house hit) and another lot has 2 trees down, again no house too is still flooded. My path should be dried out by Monday so I can resume walking again. I checked out the areas and some parts still have puddling. To try to walk around it, the ground is so saturated, I sink into the grass going around the puddles. Not worth wet feet and blisters!

Since I have been home...I did work on some cards. I made three over those days and will share them with you at the later posts. I have to get the name of all the supplies for the cards so you can recreate them. I'm happy with them...I hope you like them too!
If I mention a stamp set that has been retired...use one that is comparable.
That will make it your card! We call that CASEing (Copy And Share Everything)! After you copy a card...and cite the person you copied it from, you can do something a little different to make it your own!

Well my fellow Blog stampers and friends,
until next time...Blessings to you all!


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