Thursday, May 26, 2016

We Have Moved!

We are here! Finally!
What was in the far future came up on us quick! We have moved and we are settling in to our new house. I think that is going to take forever! We are having to open all the boxes looking for stuff! It took me a week to find my Pots and Pans! They were in a box marked Dining Room Items! Go figure!
We are now on the hunt looking for some papers/titles to our cars to be able to register them here in this new state. I opened about 11 boxes and re stacked and moved boxes all this morning. Didn't find the papers, but it seems we are closer...only about 10 more boxes to open! We will get there. Oh and the 10 boxes left to open...are not the craft room items. A lot of those are part of what I re stacked this am! Those boxes are piled high and it seems it may be awhile before I can even get to them! I packed up my craft room and the boxes are all U-Haul boxes, so I know which are which from the Mover's boxes!
Hopefully we will get this done! Then there will be pictures to hang...throw pillows to fluff, and finding new homes for our junk! Threw a lot away and gave a lot away...but it still didn't weed out enough! Oh the joke this am was I found a garbage bag in a packed WAS garbage! If it isn't nailed down, they'll pack it! We had a real laugh over that one!
Hope all of you are doing well. I have to do a trash run before they close! Blessings to you all and I will get some posting done with cards once I am settled, or when the craft room gets it's tables set up!

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