Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sister's Weekend is Here!

Tomorrow is the first night for Sister's Weekend! I will not be creating...I will be doing laundry to finish packing! I will be back home Monday afternoonish or evening. I will get back to creating perhaps on Tuesday!
 I got an earlier Beauty Shop appointment for Hair and Mani/Pedi! Yay! The original apt was for next week...couldn't wait another week for the Hair...usually do Hair and Pedi, I added the Mani this week! I feel pretty!
We Sisters decided about 5 years ago to get together every year. The last 2 were a no show for me due to my back issues. We are staying close to home this year, so if there is an issue, I do not have far to get home! This will be a first try at this for me...Last year I was driven to the hotel and I was able to do day trips, but back to my home in the evening.

So I was able to make a couple more post-it note holders and a writing pad cover. Here is the post-it note creation!

Here is the writing pad covered

This is what the pad looked like

I will be able to get back to doing more after the weekend!
All of you...have a safe and enjoyable weekend!
Hug and spend time with family, just catching up with each other.
Blessings to you All!


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