Monday, August 31, 2015

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Bzzzzz Like a Bee!

Hello Fellow Stampers!

I have been working on several projects over the last few months. Getting ready for the Craft Show Season! Since I have been out of commission this past year, it has taken quite a bit of time to do projects for Craft Shows. I used to do 2-3 a year. Since I am still not at 100% yet! I am going to play it smart and just do one this year. The Church I attend is having a Craft Fair in November and I am going to set up for that Craft show. It is small, but for me it is a great way to see if I am really able to do this. I know working on the items, I tired easily, and the back muscles are still screaming at me to give them a break, so I do! Can't wait till the back is completely healed and I can last longer working on items, but till then, I just Thank the Good Lord I am able to do what I do! All that said here are a few of the items I have worked on all Spring and Summer...

These are MINI Composition Books! Aren't they cute? I decided to glam them up for Stocking stuffers!
These are Post-It Note holders!
Here's a close up!
These are MINI Post-It Note Holders!
These are 3 X 3 Note cards in their own boxes. The design on the box is what the cards look like inside!
These are Beachy!
These are Nautical and Travel!
These are Floral!
The last Three are the Totes with Matching Cards!
Blackberry Bliss Trim
Wild Wasabi Trim!
Melon Mambo Trim!
Hope you liked these, there are more to be made and I will show them when I complete each item!
I am so excited! This weekend is Our Sister's Weekend! About 5 years ago, my 3 Sister's and I decided that we wanted to get together each year to catch up with each other's lives and just do some shopping together and just plain Chillaxin!
I could not attend the last 2 because of my back issues. The last one, I did a couple of day trips only. I did not stay in the Hubster drove me to meet my Sister's. We used my Mother's Wheelchair, because I couldn't walk for a long period of time...It would not be fair to them to cut the day trip I got pushed around and all the packages were hung off the back of my wheelchair! Schmart!
When we made tracks to home base, my Sisters would drop me off at home. So I did get 2 days to spend with them.
This year we are staying close to I am going to stay with them! If it gets to be too much...I am close enough to home, to go home, if need be. I am not going to be crazy and push myself, but I am going to push through, in a small way! I have been walking every morning. I am building up distance! It isn't just the distance it's learning to walk, taking much smaller steps. Because the Rods and Screws are anchored to the pelvic bone, my gait has been shortened. It is kind of hard to learn to walk the new way...I've been walking the other way for 60 I have to change!...let me tell you...IT IS NOT EASY!
So I will persevere and I AM going to one day throw this cane away!!
Enjoy the up coming Holiday Weekend! I will Post again as I get more items for the Craft Shows completed!
Thank you for dropping by...till next time...Blessing to you ALL!

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