Monday, January 12, 2015


                                                                       My Mother

                                                                       Mary E. Holiday
                                                        May 20, 1931 to January 11, 2015

It is with a heavy heart that I post this. Sunday morning my Mother went to be with the Lord. Mom had been ill since Christmas. Her body just couldn't fight, but boy she did try!. We are a very large family. I am the oldest of 7 children. How my Mother survived as long as she did, I only have to say it was with God's strength! Naw, we were not bad at all, our antics would never rival anyone, but still, we were not all GOOD.
Mother loved us all and none of us ever felt unloved, or loved more than another. Mother always said she was blessed with us, and was blessed with all the grand-children, and great grand-children. She will be missed and right now it is hard. But we all do rejoice that she is with the Lord and has that full healing! Also, she is probably telling all her jokes to God now! She was a true jokster and loved to get us all with her jabs! Blessings on heaven!
As so named is this blog, Holiday was my maiden name. I am a Stampin' Holiday!
Thanks to all of you and Blessings to you all.

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