Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Physical Therapy Week 3

Hello Stamping Friends!

Tomorrow is completion of week 3 for Physical Therapy (PT). I have plenty of visits with my medical and in January, I start all over. I believe I can say I am covered! I go to PT on Mondays and Wednesdays. I  do my PT at home on Fridays and Sundays. The rest of the time, I do the stretching exercises. I know it is early, but I do feel pretty good. I am mobile and able to get around. If I go shopping, I still take the cane. Walking around a store (especially this time of year!) can be tiring and I am not that strong yet. My next appointment with the Surgeon is in early February. The surgeon will check me out and then release me to my PCP. Then the PCP will be the one I check in with for a progression report. I still have a road to go before I will be able to say I am fully recovered, but I am doing my part to get better! Now the body just has to agree with the mind!

I want to Thank All of you for your prayers for my recovery. I am blessed for this reach out for prayers.

Update on Dad...Dad did not have the hip replacement surgery. When he went in for the pre-admission testing, they thought his heart would not be strong for the surgery. He seems happy about it! The only thing is his right foot is the big pain maker. We also feel the because of that, Daddy was throwing his weight onto his left hip. He does have a bone spur on the hip joint, but we all felt hip replacement was not the answer. If Dad is to have foot surgery. It is a very detailed surgery. The foot has MANY bones in it. We are trying an ankle/foot brace on him. Dad says it helps, but he is still in much pain in that foot. Prayers for Daddy's foot. I still believe in God's healing. I pray it be in God's Will that Daddy's foot is healed, if not, then please Lord, ease his pain.

Mother is doing much better. Mother got a sciatica attack in her back. When she went to the hospital for her heart, they got her up to walk her and her back went out and the nerves are pinched. She was doing therapy, but only so much. She uses a cane, walker, and wheelchair, depending upon where Mother is going. Prayers for healing too!

Both of my Parents where driven down to WV for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Weather permitting, they will be driven back the beginning of January. Two of my sisters drove them to PA, and the third sister drove up from WV to PA to pick them up and take them down to WV. In January it will be reversed to return them home. Miss then not being here, but they are in excellent hands with my sister and her family!

Thanks for your time is reading and for your prayers for myself and for my Parents!
Blessings to you all!


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