Saturday, November 8, 2014


Hello Stampers! I went to the Dr.s office in Boston on the 6th for a checkup. I met with the PA and she gave me the writ for Physical Therapy. I called and made the appt. with the PT. I start Monday the 10th at 7am....what was I thinking? 7 am? It's OK I will get through this, I have to start getting up earlier. Practice for when I go back to work. That return date is still up in the air. After 4 weeks of PT, I was asked to call and make an appt. with the Surgeon, It will be my last visit with him and then I will be turned over to my PCP. That is a whole new story. My PCP, unfortunately, passed away and the Physician that was covering for my Physician, has left the office. I need to find another PCP. This is not an easy task. I have appointments on Mon and Tues. Wednesday, I will have to call the office and find out if there is a replacement for my PCP and go with him, or find another Dr. This is a weird thing to have happened. Every patient thought our PCP would get well and come back. It was not in God's plan. Prayers for his family, he was a great Father, Son, and Uncle. He also adopted 2 kids, in addition to his own three biological children. Also he supported Doctor's without borders. He will be missed by his family and his patients.
On a much cheerier note,  I have been down to the craft room several times and have been tinkering. I am not able to spend a lot of time, but eventually I will be able to tolerate more time. A little at a time! I am working on Christmas cards (my cards for mailing were made before my surgery)
The ones I am making are for my friend, who is a nurse, wants to take to sell at the hospital.
Hope that does well.

I will keep working on my stamina, PT will help with that. Thanks for your prayers. I still need prayer for the PT steps now. My core will be strengthened, along with all the back muscle's. That should help.
Thanks again to all of you for your prayers and concern. You are all Awesome!
Blessings to all of you!

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