Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Fellow Stampers! Wishes for a Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you!
I can't cook this year (my endurance is not there yet). The Hubster and I are going out to dinner with his daughter this year. Hubster's son has 2 places to attend and then work....Hubster's daughter is working and the Grand-daughters are going elsewhere. So I just suggested that me and Hubby go out to dinner and therefore, I can not get tired that I can't enjoy the meal. He agreed! Then since Daughter will be alone, we invited her to join us! The reservations were made and I am looking forward to the much needed rest.
Last night we cooked three Lobsters that were given to us. Oh my. What a mess to clean up afterwards! Thanking God the Hubster just pitched right in and cleaned. We were given one large, one medium, and one small. I ate the small, Hubster ate the medium, and I picked out the big boy, of all the meat for lobster salad sandwiches today!
I was so exhausted last night, I crashed early! I had gone to visit my youngest Brother and his wife, dropped of a pie for them (I bought it at a wonderful farm stand). They gave me an old 'sound machine'. I had told them I needed to buy one since I turn in earlier than the Hubster. He is a noisy one, like a bull in a china shop! My Sister-in-law remembered she had one she was just going to give to the second hand store...long story short...I am now the proud owner and it was a blessing to be able to drown out the noises in the house, so I could get to sleep! I use to turn on the 'Fan' on my A/C unit, but when it gets icy out, the A/C will not work and I had to break down and get this sound unit. Praise God for my Sister-in-law! This unit and I are bonding well!
PT resumes next week (I do it at home also, every other day).
We have a New PCP. Nice Dr. Our last PCP was this PCP's , PCP!!! Got that?!!
Over all we think we will like this new Dr.!
Praying all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and will catch you all on the next post!
Blessings to all of you!

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