Wednesday, July 26, 2017

We Are Getting Some Elbow Room!

Hello Friends!
Welcome Back!
No Card Today....we are having both Bathroom
Tub/Shower Renovated!
They worked on the Master Bath Today...all that
is left is the small seat-like shelf...Mr. Hubster wants to be
able to put his foot on the shelf/seat  to be able to wash his
leg and toes! They told him he should be able to use
his new shower Friday!
Tomorrow the guy will work on the Guest Bath...wall and tub
removal and just a large shower stall with a seat and shelves!
Mr. Hubster's Shower stall was so small...I can't believe
the room that he has now! Those molded tubs can be up to
6 inches thick! 3 sides X 6 inches is an 18 inch gain for space!
Mr. Hubster is a Big Guy...I can't believe the difference in
the size of the shower he has, compared to before!
We decided to have grab bars installed in both bathrooms
 for down the road, should we need them!
The Guest Bathroom is the one I has a high sided
tub and it is getting a bit difficult to step into, keep stubbing
the toes! It has shower doors too! After tomorrow...just a
walk-in shower! This is the bathroom I use! Also the grab
bars will be added there too! We are not getting younger!
While the Reno in Mr. Hubster's bath was being done.
I worked on cards...I fell behind, because...getting the
bathrooms empty and cleaned for the work to be done!
There will be another good CLEAN before stuff goes back
into the Bathrooms!
I also did some major cleaning in the house too!
So the Craft Room had a break till Today!
I also will work while the Guest Bath gets done!
I am trying to catch up with the Challenges!
Sometimes Life gets in the way
and we just need to enjoy that too!
Until the next Post...Blessings and Elbow Room to you ALL!

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