Monday, July 3, 2017

Taking a Small Reprieve!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome Back!

No Card BFF is in town!

We took a trip and did some 'Holiday Sale' Shopping!

Today we went up to my 'finished attic'!

It is a 'Finished Room Over Garage'!

We went through all my pictures and selected those
to be hung...I still haven't done them since moving here!
I just needed to go through and see which ones I am going
to hang and the ones I will donate to charity.

We did get one mirror hung today...but Mr. Hubster helped
with the hanging of that mirror!     
I bought a 'stud finder' to use...yup! It seems to work.
I am not sure about it!
My BFF and I will hang more tomorrow and then we 
are going downtown to take in the sights and sounds and 
then to watch the fireworks!

My BFF is leaving earlier than I expected...she has a commitment she made for the moving of her Aunt and Uncle in AK.

I really wanted her to stay longer, but she will not
be able to stay, due to that commitment.  She will be leaving
by Saturday...sad face :(

I hope you ALL have a wonderful rest of the
4th of July Weekend!

Catch you on the flip side of all of this...

Until the nest Post...Blessings and Celebrations to you ALL!       

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