Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Last Post for a Little Bit!

Hello and Welcome back!
Today's Card is short and sweet!
The short part...not sure of...made 50 of them!

I had Posts set up for only one week while I was in
RI for my Vacation. It was all I had time to make
before I left to come up.  
I have mentioned before, my Niece was Married
last December in Hawaii.
Not all were invited because it was a
'Destination Wedding' and they wanted just a
small get-together.

Here is the Thank You card!

Her Colors from the photo I received were Lavender and White!
I used the Crumb Cake Notecards and envelopes...they represent the sand
on the beach! The flowers are the Hibiscus flowers, found all over Hawaii!
At least that is what I have been told...having never been there myself!

Back Story:
The Mother-of-the-Bride, my baby Sister lost her Husband
suddenly at the age of 51...he was retired less than a year from
being a Firefighter/EMT. Never mind that sadness...nine months
prior, we lost our Mother. Suffice to say, it has been hard on
this Family. When my Sister and Niece were planning the Niece was overwhelmed and
saddened by the idea that her Dad
wasn't there to walk her down the aisle.
As I am sure, we all know what that she and her
Fiancé decided to have an 'unconventional Wedding'...different from all that would call attention to the fact that her Dad wasn't there...a Bittersweet time for all of them.
So they all flew to Hawaii and had a sweet, small 'Christian'
Ceremony on the beach! A very small reception with the attendees.
All then flew Sister and Niece decided to have a nice
reception afterward, up in RI with all of the Family!
If you all have know I have a very LARGE
Family! (I am the eldest of 7 Children).

Present Day!
So, I am in RI for the Reception and to visit Family....AND to see my Grand-daughters! It is going to be a whirlwind 2 weeks for may take some time to recoup!
But, I AM NOT complaining!

Now In RI!
We are going to be packing Dad up to make a move.
He will live with one Sister for 6 mos. and then to another
Sister for 6 mos. Both Sisters are they are able
to know what his medical needs are...Dad has a little
problem remembering some they will be there
to be able to guide him...especially medications.
So much to tell and catch up with!
Dad was approached about this for him...Dad is onboard!
He feels he is ready for this...he knows we wanted Him
to make the decision to do this. He did. Tomorrow
will be 'pack up day',  my Sister rented a U-Haul, for what he
will take to go live with her. The other Sister will take some items
to her house to put in her spare bedroom for when it is the time
for Dad to live with her...therefore the familiar is at both Sister's
homes for him to feel at home!

This will be the last Post till I get back home.
It just may take awhile to get back into the swing of things there!

I will have to make up Cards when I get back to share with you all!
I Thank you for being there and peeking in each day!
I love what I do! I hope you do too!
Until the next Post...Blessings and Hawaiian Dreams to you ALL!
Can you hear the 'Ukulele' strums now? 

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