Sunday, January 8, 2017

Do Over Times 2 for FMS 268

Hello Stampers and Friends!
I did the 'Do-Over' and then some!
I deconstructed the first card and started over!
Just couldn't waste some good stuff!
Some I had to re-stamp (they were ripped when deconstructing)!
 The first card is the 'Do-Over' reconstructed.
This card has the parts from the original Post!
Here's my 'Do-Over' Card:
I re-stamped the background with a patterned background of the confetti, in three different colors.

The inside sentiment I is from the same
'Balloon Adventures' Stamp Set!
The two balloons that flank the sentiment are from the
'Birthday Bright' Stamp Set, as is the balloon confetti.
I stamped those in 'Pacific Point' and 'Crushed Curry'.

I also had to replace the square piece of DSP. The other piece just could not be salvaged for reuse! BUT look closely...doesn't that deer remind you of the 'Farmer's Insurance Ad'? The 'stag party'
commercial? It made me giggle! I also added an extra balloon.
I turned the banner down, so as not to cover up that stag! The envelope is newly stamped, I put the original envelope with the next card! Below is that card:
I did a 'Do-Over' before I deconstructed the original card!
This time the 'elephant' is the party animal!
The background is stamped the same as the above card.
I matted all the DSP on both cards.
On both cards the mats are 'Pacific Point' and 'Crushed Curry'.
The banner is tipped up, like the original card (see previous Post).

I also used the original sentiment inside.
The balloons, however I stamped with the confetti too!

Here is the card with the original envelope.
I do have to say I prefer these cards to the original (previous) post.
Sometimes we see something way after the fact!
As such was the case with the previous Post!
Now I have a couple of more cards
for my stash for this coming year! 
 I have mentioned before that I have a large family and friends!
By the way...the original card in the previous Post is no more!
Until the next Post...Blessings and Fun 'Do-Overs' for you ALL!

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