Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Past and Present

Hello Stampers!
Yes it has been quite a few days since I have posted...real busy. Summer does that to us! But I also have moved and am in the process of getting settled.
I took a major break and started painting our, new to us, deck. I have finished most of the deck. I am pleased with the results! I have a little bit more to do, but I am going to wait for much cooler weather. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the deck now.
We used that Rustoleum Restore...let me tell you...
Forget about the roller, use a brush, I did on my hands and knees (I wore knee pads). It is like painting with pudding that has sand in it! The roller was a major splatters the stuff all over, had to redo the rails. Also you get better coverage with the brush! Also you DO want to do 2 coats. It is so much better with 2 coats, they also recommend it! Just my pointers for using the Rustoleum Restore.
For the rails we used Olympic Maximum, great coverage. FYI...our, new to us, deck hadn't seen love in a few years.  Also, there was a great Outlet Store that had Patio Furniture on sale...Yup I have New Patio Furniture! I had to leave my other Patio Furniture at our old house.
Also during this time, we have been trying to find new Physicians...found a Family Health Practice...Physically went in and signed papers for record requisitions from previous Physician. Just got the call today for the "meet and greet" appointment with my new Physician. Unfortunately had to take the Hubster to Urgent Care, yesterday...he has an infection on his skin...He is on the antibiotics...asking for prayers...he was miserable, but starting to feel better today!
I also have been trying to relocate items in the 'office' which is going to be turned into the guest room. We are flying our 2 Grand-daughters down for a week...yup, we miss them! Had to out to Michael's and bought some bins for storage...good thing all storage bins were 50% off!
We also have a friend of the Hubster and the Friend's Son coming in Sept for a weeks we are getting things together for house guests too! Looks as though the bonus room over the garage is going to be storage for now! That room was going to originally be my craft room...I didn't want to do the stairs. Then we were going to us it as the Guest room, but this new house is smaller that our last house and we went from a basement to no basement. So we needed a seasonal storage area that isn't the garage! All the winter bedding and Christmas Stuff had to go somewhere! So that is what the 'Bonus' room is going to be used for!

I took a couple of Rainy days here and worked on a few cards. I call them my Past and Present. I did a remake of the Past card, changed up the colors to make they are:

The Card on the Left is one done in the Past.
The Card on the Right is the newest card.

The change on these cards is
the color of the butterflies
and the twine. Also the sequins
are a bit different in size
and placement.
The next Set:
The Card on the Left is one done in the Past.
The Card on the Right is the newest card I did!

I used sticker letters for the first card.
I used a Stamp Set for the second card.
Also the "net" is a different kind, and
the coloring is a bit different too!
A couple of points...If your Card making Mojo is in a slump...revisit some of your old cards...change them up a bit. Change the color, texture addition (i.e. twine) or change the stamp set. Make them new to yourself!
I am going to revisit a couple of cards I love and I am going to Revamp them into "NEW" cards for my stash! I WILL get my Mojo back!
Till next time...Blessings to ALL of you!

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