Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Still Unpacking!

It doesn't seem like it will ever come to an end...There are so many more boxes to unpack! We took a 'heck with it' break for the Holiday weekend and just vegged out and did nothing but waste away playing on our computers. So it is back to the salt mines tomorrow. Only problem I have is, I have Insomnia and I am up late. Oh well, like I have said many times...I have all the rest of my life to unpack! It will get done, when it gets done...and not a moment sooner. I did figure out a furniture issue and I think it will be a great solution. Our problem is we have a lot of older furniture that were my Hubster's parents stuff. It wasn't too much of a problem at our last house...but here, we have no basement! So it is incorporating a few pieces into what we have. They are good pieces, it is just that there isn't much room in the new house. So some pieces are getting new homes. What was a desk/bookcase in an office in the old house is now in the Master bedroom...nowhere else to house it...does make the room look regal! We now have a formal dining room...never will need that! So that room is becoming my craft room! I do have a drop leaf table and a buffet that will go along a wall and be incorporated into the craft room! Oh and that is the next thing we need to do...buy some dining room chairs for the breakfast room. (That is the real dining room!) So NOW, I will have to set up the craft room soon so that I can finish the Living room. Those two pieces are in the Living room and need to be moved to the craft room...but I have to clear the wall to get them in there...also find homes for the misc. stuff too!
Ah...Thank the Lord that this will be the last move we make!
One day I will sell the larger pieces and totally downsize, but the Hubster is attached to the pieces for now! I do understand that and am not judging him! I have a few pieces of my Mother's and it means a lot to me, so I get it!

Blessings to you all...Keep us in prayer and I pray for you all!

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