Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Roller Coaster!

This is just a catch up to what is going on.

We have been going through all the loan papers for the purchase of the house in NC. Monday was the home inspection. We are a little disappointed. They found some minor things and major things with the house. The 'biggy'...HVAC system needs to be replaced and the whole deck needs to be replaced. The deck is the exit out the back. Hot water heater needs to be elevated to a correct height,  it is too low and considered dangerous. All faucets in the house and one outside leak. Termite evidence, dishwasher doesn't work. Vents to the outside...some are loose and some are missing (could allow insect and vermin inside). Seals in some of the windows are broken, moisture between panes, rot around garage doors. Need to replace Frames and doors. Also the door from garage into house is not a fire door.

We have contacted the Realtor and she is going to have a contractor look at the house and get a cost of repairs. Our feeling...the cost to repair will come off the amount we offered for the house. If it falls through...there are other houses to look at...I am at the point of turn key, some repairs I get, but the major repairs here are just that, major. We are a bit disappointed, but it is what it is and we move on...meanwhile we wait to hear back from our realtor and we will take it from there.

I am going into the craft room to work off the disappointment as we wait!
I will post what comes of this!

Blessing to all of you!

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