Thursday, March 3, 2016

Coming Soon!

As a sweet and very Dear friend said to me...'Is your disappointment Crafted off?'
Ha-ha! I started working on the last of the 'Kits' I found yesterday...also doing the bathroom...a quick vacuum...and then to the Craft Room...Alas, only was able to complete 2 of the twelve cards! I bit off more than I could chew yesterday! So no cards to show. I did do one more later in the evening and then I called it quits and went to bed! Not going to be able to complete them today.
I have to rest up the back today for tonight. I volunteer at a Food Pantry weekly. It is held at my church. The name of the organization is 'Food For Friends'. I love doing this. I also, once a month, volunteer at the Soup Kitchen that my church cooks for, the fourth Thursday of the month. Pastor cooks and we finish the cooking at the church we serve from. Several volunteers are there each week and it is great!
I have to say I am blessed each week by the people whom we serve.

I will work on those cards and get pictures to you as soon as they are done!
So until the next post, I say...Blessings to all of you!

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