Tuesday, January 26, 2016

House Hunting!

Hello Fellow Stampers!

The Hubster and are in NC looking for houses! We looked at 10 today and have narrowed it down to 4 to choose from...one house, OMG it has so much storage areas...even a room I can use for a craft room without losing a bedroom! Can you tell it is my #1 choice!!!! We shall see after we discuss which one we both can agree on.

Before we came down Monday, had to get shoveled out from the storm we had Saturday...Shoveled out Sunday...Thank God we didn't get as much as they said at the onset of the storm! My Grand-daughter spent the night Friday and after a good breakfast...out to shovel...then the Hubster's friend  came by and used his snow blower (which I think is Industrial size!) and cut through and made all kinds of paths! One to the mail box and one to the fill pipe for heating oil and then connected those paths! Usually I just do the 2...but I think he likes to use the machine!

I'm not able to join in any challenges this week since my stash is in New England!

We will be back in NE, Thursday.

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Becky said...

How exciting! Happy House Hunting.