Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A New Year!

Although we are 20 days into the new year...a lot has happened in my life! As of Jan 1st this year...I am officially retired from my job. It is a bittersweet decision. The truth is...I didn't want to retire, but since the major back surgery August 2014 (I have rods and screws from T10 to the pelvic bone.) My limitations are greater than I thought they would ever be...I don't know what I was thinking before, but I never thought I would be as limited as I am. I am no longer able to do my job. I am on disability and my medical leave of absence was expiring on Dec. 31, 2015...I had a decision I had to make. Retiring was the option I took. Although I am 3 yrs. from the time that I wanted to retire...I had to retire earlier.
I really thought I would work at my job till I was 65 or 67. You see, I am a worker...I am not used to NOT working. BUT, I have been busy since retiring...I volunteer at the Food Pantry at my church, and also once a month the church cooks for a soup kitchen, and I also work there. The Food Pantry is weekly.
My hubster and I took a trip to North Carolina to look at houses. We are planning to move there. We had said years ago that when we both were retired, we would move to either northern South Carolina or southern North Carolina. My hubster found an area in the southern North Carolina area. We went down after Thanksgiving and looked at a few houses. We are planning to go again next week, but the storm coming across the states pose a threat for some traveling. He is going to check with the airlines about changing the date to the following week. We shall see. The truth of the matter is...the hubster has been looking at this area for about 6 years. But I wanted to get more work experience under my belt, before moving there and looking for a job. Life seems to throw us a curve ball, but we just catch it and throw it back!
The area would be more affordable now that we both are on fixed incomes. Property taxes alone are less! That would be such a help for us. The weather IS warmer then here, but we still experience 4 seasons, just not the extremes. will be a big change and yet an exciting new beginning. What is the big help,is that the homes are all one level...which would make laundry and storage easier than going up and down basement stairs!
I look forward to this change now. At first I fought the idea...but now I see that it is almost necessary for the two of us! We can always come home if need be, but I believe it will be for visits in fair weather!
Besides looking for a new home, I have been working on cards and I will post some later...till then...Blessings to all of you!

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