Thursday, December 3, 2015



It has bee some time again that I have posted. I have been creating! But not posting...I think I need to cut back on other time and dedicate more time to posting my creations and interpretations of challenges. Hope all of you are doing well.
Had a big set back in baby Sister lost her Husband. He was only 51 yrs. old. He had retired from the Fire Dept. on the Naval Base here in RI, only one year prior.
So between losing our Mother at the beginning of the year and now our has been a real struggle getting into the major 'joy' of the season.
I am still going through the normal routine stuff the season requires, it seems to be helping...and then some thought, sound, tradition...will stop me in my tracks.
But I have the love of God in my heart and I know I am comforted in knowing we will see them again, one day. When I realize that, I do feel better and get myself back to living and doing!
I am really going to try much harder at posting here on a more regular basis...just please bear with me...I will get there again!
To all of you who are prayer warriers...I'll take them! For those of you who aren't, your sweet feelings of understanding is good too!

Blessings to all of You!


Holly Stene said...

Sending a big hug to you and your family!

Cheryl said...

Thank you Holly! You are a breath of fresh air!