Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Been A Long, Long Time

So sorry I haven't posted in awhile...It has been a whirlwind of events in our family. First we did our Sister's Weekend, it was wonderful! First, my sister Mary was called away from our Sister's Weekend for about a couple of hours...her fur baby Alf was unable to walk on his hind legs anymore, so she went to spend time with him and her husband, Eddie who was taking care of him. Then my sister Linda got bit on her foot by what we thought was a mosquito, on Sister's weekend. It seemed to get worse everyday after the weekend...she went to the doctor's office and then had to go back and then referred to a podiatrist. They believe she may have been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. Then Mary had to have her fur baby put down. And then...Mary's Husband, Eddie suddenly passed away with a major coronary. He was only 51. The family is just reeling. Having lost our Mother in January and now our has been hard...never mind all the other stuff. We are a very close knit family and when one hurts, the others hurt just as bad. Please keep Mary in your prayers too...she is needing loose your husband at such a young age....I can't even...all I can do is pray for her. My Sister Linda had to have foot surgery because of the bite, to debride and clean out the bite. She is doing better, but still not into her normal shoes for work. Pray for her healing too! Pray for Mary's grown children, daughter Megan and Son Erik and his family. While you are at it, pray for our whole family to get through this trial. Thank you.

Some reprieve amongst the sadness, is my Grand-Children...growing so much and developing into great children of love and compassion, what more can I ask? With them in mind...I will see my Grand-daughter Lesley on Halloween Night!!!!! Yay! I don't get to see her often, but when we do it is so blessing! We see Shana more, and we are also blessed by her too! A Senior this year at her High School...Graduating! Wow, growing up!

So I made some Halloween treat bags for the Girls and I am in the process of making up the treat bags to pass out. This year Halloween is on a Saturday...that means more kids...hope I have enough bags to dole out! I am making up 120 bags. The Grand-daughters bags make that 122, of course, theirs is different!

Below are what I am passing out: I was inspired by Stampin'Up! Paper Pumpkin Kit for September!

Below are the treat bags I am passing out and the large brown bag is for one of my Grand-daughters!
Had to give them a bit MORE candy!!

I haven't assembled my paper pumpkin bags yet! I will probably next year! I want to get a few more kits to be able to pass them out to the friends of my Grand-daughters!

Until I post again, and hopefully nothing happens to delay that,
 Blessings to you all!


Alison Barclay said...

These are so lovely! You did amazing work to make up 120 of them! Happy Halloween! :)

Cheryl said...

Thank you Alison! I have a little more than half done...I will do the rest over the next two days!