Friday, July 10, 2015

A New PaperCraft Technique Learned...Quilling!

Hello Readers,

If you all are still out there! I can't wait to get much better to be able to get back into the swing of things! They said it would take awhile...I didn't believe them. I have since hooked up with another woman who had this done. She has told me total healing can take 2+ more years for a full recovery and normalcy. I really wasn't expecting to hear that, BUT it is what it is and I need to be more patient.

Anyway in the meantime, I have been wanting to learn Quilling for awhile. A very LONG time friend by the name of Aunt Shirley, not blood related, but heart related! Aunt Shirley has been working on Quilling for quite awhile and said she would teach me. I finally got over to her house and spent time learning this art. (You should see the beautiful work she has done! Didn't have a camera to take pictures, but believe me when I tell you, Beautiful!)

So I had bought all the tools and a few kits. We opened a kit and she started with me....I made 2 flowers with leaves at Aunt Shirley's house. I was so tickled! I made up the rest of the flowers in the kit at home when I could. I did mess up a petal on one of the flowers, but this is the first! It unraveled a bit as I attached it to the card. Using the tweezers, now I know to just use my fingers...Aunt Shirley I understand why you said you didn't care for the tweezers! I did try to fix it, but the glue was drying too fast!


I also made the card and used the new Quilled flowers on it! The card is going to Shirley for teaching me how to do this!
Shirley directed me to use the yellow center in the one flower...had already done the little blue one in white, but I was so concentrating on the instructions, I forgot to change them up! I also made up the green leaf thing in the center for a fill in, that space needed something! It isn't world changing, but I am pleased on my first try! I also found that I can sit and do this while watching TV. So I think my battle plan is to work on the flowers and other fun items and build up a stash for my cards.

I am sending this card to Aunt Shirley. I want her to have my first work of this Quilling Art since she was so instrumental in teaching me how to do Quilling. What better way than in a Thank you card!

Aunt Shirley, you ROCK!

Thanks for stopping by, I am trying to get back into this blogging, but I need to get back into the craft room. I have, but not as long as I would like to spend crafting. Still limited, but I am getting better, just not as fast as I would like. BUT I am getting better!

Till next post, Blessing to all of you! Especially Aunt Shirley!

The next time I go to her house, I am taking the camera, Then I can post some of her work!.

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