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The Pictorial/Tutorial of my 'TOTE' with Cards to Match!

Hello Stampers!

A lengthy blog, but well worth it! These are all over blog land and this is the best I came across. It is originally from Delia Kettel at Delia's Paper World. It was all in German! I hit the translator button and only the wording outside the pictures was translated. All the cutting/size info was printed over the pictures in German. I took down the numbers and did a rough draft make of the 'Box in a Bag' as she called it. I had to do some tweaking and my results are pictured below.

This is one of the Tote's I made. I also made 2 of each of the cards with the leftover printed DSP.
The cards and the Tote match!
For the Tote you will need:
 2- (identically printed)  12X12 DSP sheets.
1- solid 12X12 card stock (coordinated to printed DSP)
Sticky Strip Tape
4- Large Decorator Brads
Optional: (for the little coin purse) decorator pearl or rhinestone sticker or another decorator brad,
Paper Piercing Mat
Paper Piercer
Border Punch: scalloped or decorated scallops
White Gel Pen
Velcro  circle (I used 1/2 of a circle)
Twine, Linen Thread, or Baker's Twine
This is two sheets stacked together.
Cut 2-6 X 8 1/2  pieces (bottom right). These are the Tote's body.
  The 3 top pieces are for the cards. 4 X 51/4 (Qty. 6)
The 2 bottom left are extra....however the coin purse will be cut out of one of those.
The 3 very top little pieces and the bottom left little pieces are discarded.

On the back of the 2- 6 X 8's: On one put a strip of Sticky strip along the bottom only.
 On the second one, run Sticky Strip along the bottom and up the sides.
The one with the single sticky strip will be the first sheet used in assembly.
Now to cut the solid 12 X 12.
The Bottom left rectangle is 4 X 8, it is the base box of your Tote.
Score that at 1 1/4 on all four sides.
Cut 6- 1 X 12 pieces. On four of the 1 X 12's cut them down to 1 X 8 1/2.
the 2- 1 X 12 are your handles.
  The 4-1 X 8 1/2 are the top and bottom trims, front and back.
This is what you should have out of the 12 X 12.
On 4 of the 1 X 12, cut length down to 8 1/2 .
These are your trims, top and bottom of the Tote.
Above, are the actual pieces you will use.
The 4 X 8  piece score at 1 1/4 on all 4 sides.
Trim your flaps and assemble the box.
Then run Sticky Strip all the way around the TOP of the box.
Do not overlap.

Round the corners of the 2- 1 X 12 strips.

Score the 2 strips from 2" to 10" then run Sticky strip next to one side of that scored line, after you have pierced the sides.
With paper piercer, using the mat, pierce holes 1/4" apart down the sides of the 1X12 and around the ends, 
then after you 'border punch' the 4-1 X 8 1/2's, use the paper piercer to pierce holes along the bottom edge, 1/4" apart Then using the white Gel Pen, draw a line from hole to hole, it will look like stitching. Do that to the handles and the trim. 
Picture shows both sides of handles and the trim.
Pierced and White Gel Pen 'stitched'.

Peel the sticky Strips off the Handles and fold over to tape together. Using bone folder, curl the handle,
like the top handle in the picture. Make sure the ends are not folded in half. They need to be 'open' on the ends.

Peel off the Sticky Strip on the box and using the sheet of DSP with only ONE strip of Sticky Strip.
 Peel off that strip and lay on a flat surface.
Center your box (open side up) on the paper along the bottom of the DSP.
Wrap the sides, one at a time, around your box. The sides should reach the side ends evenly.
Should look like this!

Peel Sticky Strip off the bottom of second DSP sheet and peel and cut off strip about
 1/3 of the way up the sides of the DSP.

Center the box over the sheet, lining up the bottoms, stick the box down. Wrap sides around again.
Then peel strips off the remaining side (one at a time) and press down each side to close.
This is what it looks like!
Peel Sticky Tape off pierced and 'stitched' trim and center the box like the DSP and then wrap the sides around.
Turn over and do other side, wrapping the sides of trim around.
Turn Tote upside down and apply the trim in the same manner as the bottom.
With paper piercer ( I called it a punch in the picture) lay end of handle on bag where you want it, pierce a hole through the handle end and the trim at the top of the Tote.
Use a Decorative Brad to secure the handle to the Tote.
Do the other side in the same manner.
One handle attached!
Now repeat with the other handle.

You now have your Tote!!!
Make the purse! Cut a piece of scrap DSP 2 1/2 X 4 1/2. Score at 1 1/4 and again at 3 on the longer side.
Fold bottom up and the top down. Round the corners on the top flap.
With a hole punch, punch a hole in the top flap to the left of the Velcro (only on the top flap)
.Sorry not shown in this picture.
Add a piece of white/ivory card stock to purse inside ( I used a To: and From: stamp, this was my gift tag to the recipient)
It looks like a coin purse, but it is a fancy tag!
Close the flap, loop string or twine and feed through the hole punched and with ends tie to left side of Tote Bag, let dangle. Decorate with decorator pearls or rhinestones.
With the 6 pieces leftover, make 6 (2 of each design) cards that match the Tote!
Put the cards inside with envelopes.
I gave these as gifts for Mother's Day to my Sisters and my Sister-in-law and a niece.
I made 2 Sympathy cards, 2 Birthday cards, and 2 Thank You cards.
All the recipients Loved them!
Now it is your turn! Go have fun creating!
Sorry this took so long to post...but I work in increments due to my stamina/back strength.
And the pictures I took did not want to upload. Then, they did. Go figure!
Give me some feedback and let me know what you think.
Any questions I will try to answer a soon as I can!
 Blessings to All of you!





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