Friday, May 15, 2015

Getting There!!!!

Hello my friend's, if you are still out there. So sorry, it has been awhile. With therapy and winter and Mother's had been real hard to get motivated to create. I did work on some cards and gifts for Mother's Day. With my stamina and endurance starting to come back...surprisingly that takes awhile...I really expected to be a lot better than I am by now. Went to see the Surgeon and he says this does take a good year to heal and get 'back to normal'. I guess I felt that I should be good by now. I find I do tire easy and the body takes longer to bounce back when I do attempt to do a big job.
I will be does take longer to get things done around the house. What I used to knock of in a day...takes all week. I have to break the chores down to daily, sometimes hourly increments. This is frustrating to a Type 'A' who has been slammed down to a Type 'B'! But to get better I have to learn to take things slowly and not rush to do anything. An example: I dust one room daily. BTW the Hubster, bought me the Rumba iRobot sweeper. That has been a lifesaver, the 'Bot' as we call it, does the rug sweeping! We run the 'Bot' daily! Any vacuuming is done once a month for the deep clean and that would be one room every couple of  days. THAT is hard to get used to, but I have to do that or risk injury, and I am NOT going to do that! I will not go through this again.
Therapy has been ended, I guess I have gone as far as I am going to go...I still do the exercises but only at home. I am still limited in movement, but it is supposed to get better. We shall see how the body will progress from here. I have to call the Surgeon's office next month and schedule a CT scan. They will then see how everything in my back is (the hardware). Also he want s to check and see if the stenosis has grown more or not...? Whatever that means.
I am not in extreme pain at all. The hardware has separated the vertebrae and no pressure or pinching of the nerves. The only pain is the nerve damage that was done. My right leg is the weakest leg. I take a medication that makes that nerve pain tolerable.  I am still numb in my lower back. I also tire in the mid afternoon, and I feel like I have a box hanging off my lower back. I prepare dinner early, clean that up, then I go for a walk. I can walk about 1-2 hundred feet without my cane. (Hubster says that I look like I wobble), then I have to use my cane. My goal is to walk with no cane. That is why I try to walk without it, but with the cane I can go a little further. When I get back home....That is it for me, I am in and down for the night. I have to lie down and rest my back. It helps get that 'box hanging off my back' feeling to go away. But I am determined to rid myself of that cane! but right now, it is my friend.
So, if any craft work is to be done, I do about 1 hour then I have to stop, so I can have my stamina to do daily stuff that runs my house, and dinner.
I will get there it is going to take time! I did make the 'Box in a bag' thing that is all over the blogs in blog land! I made them for my sisters and with cards to match! I didn't take pics, but I will make another and then take pics and post, maybe next may be awhile since I am limited, but not as long as the time from my last post!
Blessings to all of you and I hope to return with a regularity! There is so much to share...New Stampin'Up! catalog stuff!!!! I can't wait!

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Becky said...

Hi Cheryl;
Boy, time flies by fast. With the warm weather I have been so busy with the house and yard. Glad you are doing well.