Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Blast from the Past

Hello Stampers, I have been a little MIA since posting my Father's Day cards. I am having a MAJOR back surgery, August 11 and I am trying to get my ducks in a row before then. I also am doing all the paperwork involved with filing for temporary disability benefits too. Anyone who has gone through dealing with forms in any process, I know, can understand that it can be much.

Also, June is Strawberry time here in New England. My family picked and My cousin came over and helped me GREATLY to put up my jam for the winter. Quite a few of these are gifts too. I am not able to stand for a long time and bend over a long time so the help was much appreciated! Now it is July and it is Blueberry month. Calling all family....they will be there and so much appreciated. I also am in the process of finding local farmers for tomatoes. I need to purchase them before August and with my cousin's help again, I need to get my tomato sauce done for the Winter too. I have a small window of only about one week before surgery to get that done! So it has been a tad bit busy around here. I used to whip out canning in one day. Now it takes 5-6 days for me. The help has brought it down to 2 days now! The tomato canning will be more days, as I do make quite a bit. I also give my cousin some for helping me. Mom gets a couple, My kids....I think you get the picture!

I have to say I am blessed with a great family. We all pitch in for each other when we have to. The Hubster has been the BEST! He also has helped! Usually he just stays away, but he has pitched in and stayed away, as should be!!!!

Today I am going to show you a card that I made a LONG time ago. I used to go with a friend to a card making 'thing'. We paid $20 and made 2 each of 5 cards. Usually it featured a product that was highlighted. You would also get that product plus the 10 cards you made. This particular time that I went to this 'thing' (to this day I cannot tell you what it was called!). Featured was Crystal Effects. I thought it was one of the coolest things I ever used (being new to card making). It took awhile for all the cards to dry for transport, but the demonstrator, showed us many ways to use the product. She also prepped us for the next 'thing' so as to interest us to come to the next 'thing'!

So here is the card I made:

Sorry, but these colors are not available anymore, neither is the stamp set, but if you go through the NEW catalog, you could find comparable colors. I think Melon Mambo, Tangelo Twist, and Wild Wasabi would be a great color combo. Gorgeous Grunge background, and instead of the Popsicles, you could stamp: Flowers (Everything Eleanor),Cupcakes (Cupcake Party), Rubber Ducky (Something for Baby), Glass of Wine (Embellished Events), and Bubbled Phrases (Just Sayin') just to name a few. Use your imagination and go for it.

The best thing was that it was this card 'thing' that got me into Stampin'Up! and all there wonderful products. Who knew a little bottle of Crystal Effects could have an affect on me!

This next card I have posted before, but I used Crystal Effects to cover the stamped images, I then let it dry, and then I fussy-cut them out and used them on the card!

Even on the inside!

So feel free to experiment and not put yourself in a box...think outside the box. There is no such thing as an ugly handmade with love card! Beauty is in the eye of the recipient! They will be so happy that you thought to make them a handmade card to mark the Occasion!
Blessings to you all!
 I hope to get back to you soon!

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