Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friday Mashup Challenge 157 and Thinking of you for Mother's Day

Found a Friday Mashup Challenge I had saved to my files. Went through my stash and found this dotted paper. I used the stem from the Fabulous Florets stamp set. I used some retired Stampin'Up! ribbon. Thinking of You sentiment is from the Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set. My daughter will love the black rose! A sentiment is simply stamped on the inside.

Here's the Challenge:

And here is my card:
I am going to be a bit busy tomorrow, as all Mother's will be too! My Sister Michele came into town, because Mother was taken to the hospital last weekend with a fear of stroke. Thankfully (if you can even say that!) It was low blood sugar. We Daughters usually take Mother to Olive Garden, along with our daughters, for a luncheon for all! Because of Mother's inability/strength, this would be a challenge on us all (read as: we all have bad backs!) We decided to have a Brunch at my Sister Linda's house.
 My Sister, Michele will be leaving tomorrow afternoon to fly back home to WV. We will miss her too. She is the only Sister who lives out of state. We Sister's will get together again in October. We have been doing a Sister's Weekend for several years and last year I missed it due to complications with a back surgery. I am going to be having another corrective surgery in about a month or two and hopefully, be good to go for October! It was a sad time that I couldn't join the Sisters last year and I just cried. Come hades or high water, I will make the weekend this year!
I want to take the time to wish all to whom this applies...
A very Happy and Blessed Mother's Day to you all!
I am a woman who could never have children, I found out at 28 yrs. old and going through divorce.
A few years later I met and married a wonderful man, Bruce, who was divorced and had 2 children. I developed a good relationship with my step-children (and their Mother). Their Mother passed away in 2000. My step-children call me Mom! I have two Grand-daughters who call me Amma. For a woman who could not have children I am an Amma! Doesn't get any better than this!
So the Lord has blessed me more than I ever imagined. What I thought was something devastating, God showed me in His plan that I was going to be a Mother! Just not in the conventional manner! Now at 60 I have to say being a Grand-Mother is da bomb!
Blessings to all of you!

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mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Cheryl, what a heart warming story. God has a way of sending blessings our way when and how we least expect them. I have three biological children and four adopted children. God has also blessed us with over 30 children through the years, some stayed for years and others only weeks or months but they have all left a lasting footprint on our hearts. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and hope your Momma has a speedy recovery.