Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gift Card Boxes!

Hello Stampers and Friends!
When you buy Gift Cards for the Holiday's...They are in a
sleeving which protects them from being scanned, illegally.
BUT then they won't fit into the little boxes they sell at the store.
Now you have to remove the protective sleeving. Nope, don't want
to have to do that! What are you supposed to do?
I threw this question out to some of my 'Stampin' Pals' and
on woman got back to me with a 1 piece flip top box. I had given her the measurements. BUT, I wanted a box that I could wrap as a gift that could be placed under a tree. Small, but a gift nonetheless!
After mulling this over for a few days...I finally took one of the gift cards and placed it on the 'Grid Sheet' from Stampin'Up! and then
it hit me! I knew what I wanted, but translating from my head to
paper, sometimes there just isn't a connection! BUT I did get a connection! Also I could get 2 box bottoms from one piece of Cardstock! AND 2 box lids from one piece of 'Whisper White Thick Cardstock.
This is what I came up with!
Here are the pre-cut box Bottoms!
Here is a close up of the measurements!

This is the Gift Card in the box!

The lid fits right on the box bottom!

Cut and score the box bottom, and then fold over and burnish all folds with your 'Bone Folder'.

Cut your tabs. Don't forget to make little wedge cuts on
the tabs...box folds up neater when you do this!
Using your 'Silicon Craft Sheet' apply 'Fast Fuse' to the four tabs.

Adhere the four corners.

Et Viola! box bottom done!

Now to make the lid! I am using for this box, 'Tin Of Tags' Stamp Set. I picked 2 of the stamps to use!

Stamped the Lid (also used different color Classic Stampin' Inks
for the stars) Punched two half moons on the sides with the 1" circle punch. Adhered the 4 tabs with 'Fast Fuse' and stuck the box together!
I needed 15 boxes! Here they are! Bottoms done, Lids stamped,
all ready to put the lids together!

Here is the stack I have to make!

This one is the 'Hang your Stocking' Stamp Set. The large snowflake is from the 'Tin of Tags' Stamp Set!

Here are 4 of the boxes close up.

Here is the other 7 boxes, stamped and ready to be assembled!

Divided the above pile into 2 so you could see the stamped lids
a bit closer.

Here are the others from the large pile.

Here are all 15 boxes assembled!


Here are some close ups!

Yes they are all different! No two alike!

I am thrilled, how they turned out!

Used some 'Clear' and 'Gold' 'Wink of Stella's' on some of the covers...but then I got an idea!

Wait for it!

It's almost here!

Yup! Had to add BLING! Grabbed the box of
'Stickles' and went to town!

Pretty much every box got 'Blinged'!

Several more pictures!

 I hope this helps you to make your
'Gift Boxes' for your 'Gift Cards'!
Any questions...e-mail me and I will get back to you...
my e-mail address is:
I am going to wrap, cut down pieces of 'white tissue paper around the Gift Cards in the box. I am also going to tie pretty Ribbons around all the boxes! Maybe on some I'll use some 'Washi Tape'!
So many different ways to tie these pretty little packages up!
Then I will put then into the mailing boxes I have set about to fill, and mail off to my Children and Grand-Children!
I am also working on some Cards to give my Dad for Christmas too! I got him a roll of stamps and a photo box
full of cards for him to have for mailing to his friends,
kids, grand-kids, and great grand-kids!
I also got Dad a Gift Card to go out to dinner.
He can take my Baby Sister out for Dinner!
She is the one who is really taking care of Dad up North.
Getting him to his Dr.'s Appt.'s, taking him grocery shopping, etc.,.
This is the one thing I miss having moved.
I miss my Family.
Thank God for phones, FB, Skype, Face time,
and yes, even snail mail!
It's about as close as I can get without being there!
Next year...I will go up and visit!
Until the Next Post...Blessings and Gift Wrapped Love
to you ALL!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Pictorial/Tutorial...Embossing Techniques

Hello Stampers and Friends!
Today I have a Pictorial/Tutorial for a Debossing or Double Embossing Technique or Selective Embossing Technique.

Sometimes you want to leave a space UN-embossed on your card.

How can we do that? A month ago I had a couple of wonderful ladies over and we did this technique!

It can be involved...but it really wasn't hard to do at all!

So here are the Cards I made for the Ladies to copy.

This is the Oval Debossing!

This is the Rectangle Debossing!


Here is the Square Debossing.

An Up close picture showing the Clear 'Wink of Stella', brushed over the Flowers on the card. Also used was the Gold "Wink of Stella' for the stamens in the center of the flower.

Here are the three Cards together, showing the different 'Embossed' backgrounds. I just finished them up today! I will use a different color Cardstock today.

These are the Templates we made for the diffused embossing.

A quick picture here...when the template is made, also make a
'copy paper' template. It is to cover the Card for stamping into the
diffused area.

From the card board that comes in your DSP packages...
cut 3 pieces that measure 5 1/2" x 4 1/4".

I am using Stampin'Up! Layering Oval Framelits for this
Lay the Oval Framelit where you want the diffused area to be on your card. Run it through your Big Shot. I used the Magnetic Platform Plate and the Precision Base Plate.

Cover with your Cutting Plate and run through.

Take that cut out piece and lay it on top of the next cardboard piece and draw inside the oval, onto the second piece of cardboard.

Repeat again for the third piece of cardboard.
Then lay the third cardboard on a piece of 'copy paper' cut to the same size, 5 1/2" x 4 1/4".
Draw the oval on that and put the Framelit on and cut that out too.


This is the copy paper with the oval drawn onto it.
Run that through and cut it out.

Now glue all three card boards together.
The copy paper is above.
Just set that aside for later.

Now you have your template!
Next, select an Embossing Folder with a design that covers the entire Embossing Folder.

I have chosen Stampin'Up! 'Fluttering' Textured Impressions Embossing Folder (TIEF).
I am also using 'Mint Macaron' Cardstock.

Insert the front of the card into the TIEF. As you can see, the fold of the card is at the edge of the embossing folder. I switched out the cutting plates for the 'Multi-Purpose Platform'. Using NO Bottom Cutting Plate...just lay the card in the folder on the 'Multi-Purpose Platform'.

Now lay your new 'Template' on top of the TIEF.
Cover them with the ONE Cutting Plate, and crank it through.

This is what it will look like when it comes through.
I then lay the template back over the card front and with the
'Stylus' from my 'Simply Scored Scoring Tool',
I scored around the oval hole onto the card front.

I like how it defines the area.

Using the 'Layering Oval Framelits' again. I used the same oval and then I used the larger 'Scalloped Edge Oval' from the Framelits.
I turned them so you can which ones I used.
On a complimentary color Cardstock, I am
using 'Dapper Denim' Cardstock, layer your 'Oval Framelit' with
the 'Scalloped Edge Framelit' and run through the 'Big Shot'.
I also switched back to the 'Magnetic Platform' and the
'Precision Base Plate' to cut out the "Frame" for the Oval.

Here are the "Frames" for the Oval on the front of the Card.
When I make a card...I always make at least two...Have to cut the Cardstock in half anyway!!!!

Now you lay the 'Copy Paper' template over the card. I used a
temporary tape to hold in place.
Then stamp your design, inside the space.
I stamped the 'Blooms' in 'Dapper Denim' Classic Stampin' Ink.
Now remove the 'copy paper' template.
I used Stampin'Up! 'Birthday Blooms' for these cards.
Remove your template. Viola'!

Glue your 'frame' to the front of the card.
I used Stampin'Up! 'Fine Tip Glue Pen' around the back of the
frame and then attached to the front of the card.

This step is totally optional...I used the 'Dapper Denim'
Stampin' Write Marker, and traced around the inside of the oval.
This is not a must...you can omit this step if you prefer.

Here are the Stamp Set, Ink Pad and Stampin' Write Marker
I used for the above flower and tracing. 

To color in the 'Blooms', I used 'Blushing Bride' and 'Pear Pizzazz' Stampin' Write Markers.

I used 'Clear Wink of Stella' on the flowers.
I used 'Gold Wink of Stella' for the flower stamens.

On a piece of 'Whisper White' Cardstock, I stamped 2 small butterflies from the 'Papillon Potpourri' Stamp Set, in
'Mint Macaron' Classic Stampin' Ink and then punched
them out with the 'Bitty Butterfly Punch'.

I attached the butterflies with 'Mini Glue Dots' and then put
Rhinestones from the 'Jewels Basic Rhinestones' down the center of the butterflies. I also used the 'Clear Wink of Stella' on the
butterflies to give them a touch of glimmer.

I turned this to get a better picture to show the 'Wink of Stella' on the butterflies...it only showed on the top butterfly.
So Sparkling! So much prettier in person!
You can make whatever shape you would like to 'Diffuse Emboss'.
Just remember to make your 'copy paper' template when you make the 'diffuse template'. It makes it much easier than having to stop and make the 'copy paper' after the fact!
I hope this was helpful to you...any questions...just contact
me by e-mail and I will get right back to you as fast as I can.
my e-mail is:
Until the Next Post...Blessings to you ALL!
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